With baby #2 on the way, I’m looking for work!

I’m a husband to Rachel and a father to Eva.

I’m also:

  • An Anglican Priest (serving/volunteering without pay)
  • A Ph.D. Student at Wheaton College (full-time, including a fellowship as a Teaching/Research Assistant)
  • Managing Editor of AnglicanPastor.com (part-time)

In May 2020, my full-time residential obligations to Wheaton’s Ph.D. program will come to an end. I’ll still need to finish my dissertation in the following 1-2 years (the sooner, the better!), but I will no longer have to work on campus as a teaching/research assistant.

There’s something else: in July 2020, we’re expecting Baby Steele #2 to arrive! We’re very excited!

Since we got married in 2012, Rachel has worked full-time (first as a Registered Nurse, and then as a Family Nurse Practitioner), making many sacrifices so that I could be a full-time student (first as a seminarian, and then as a doctoral student).

With our second child on the way, and the upcoming opportunity to go part-time with the Ph.D., I’m looking for full-time work starting in May 2020.

I want to serve the world by serving the church as a pastor-theologian. I need to finish my dissertation, and I’d like to continue to serve as the Managing Editor of Anglican Pastor.

But I also need to provide (health insurance!) for my family.

So, if you know of any position that you think would be a good fit for me, please let me know!

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