We switched Anglican Compass over from HostGator Shared to Bluehost VPS Hosting

As of this morning, it looks like everything for Anglican Compass has been successfully moved over from our HostGator shared hosting to Bluehost VPS hosting.

I’m hoping that this new arrangement works well for us! Although, to be honest, it’s still an open question in my mind whether or not managed WordPress hosting with WPEngine would be a better fit. I just can’t quite tell whether or not it would be worth the extra cost, given our current traffic and budget.

What I would really love is for someone to sit down with me and give me a consultation on whether or not we’ve got things set up well for the following 3 websites on Bluehost:

  • https://anglicancompass.com/ (this is our most important website right now, it gets the most traffic)
  • http://www.leaderworks.org/
  • https://theevergreenproject.org/

Until now, I’ve only been involved with the backend of Anglican Compass, so I’m not really sure of the ins and outs of how the other 2 websites are set up on the backend. But these three projects are going to be associated going forward, and I’d like to make sure that we’re set up for future success as our numbers increase!

By Joshua Steele

Software engineer using "dead" languages to help the living. Learn more at joshuapsteele.com.

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