“They laughed when I became an Anglican, but when I started to pray…” 27 Anglican Headline Ideas

I’m reading my way through the new (4th) edition of Robert Bly’s classic The Copywriter’s Handbook. On pages 33–36, Bly offers “38 Model Headlines for Your ‘Swipe File.'” Here are some headlines ideas that came to mind, all geared to an Anglican context (due to my work at AnglicanCompass.com).

  1. Why are Anglicans so angry?
  2. How do I use the Book of Common Prayer?
  3. How can I become an Anglican?
  4. What do Anglicans believe?
  5. Why “Clarity & Charity” is the best way forward for the Church in a pluralistic age
  6. Announcing an ancient way to reclaim your days and years for God
  7. Don’t become an Anglican!
  8. You can now do the Daily Office with just this booklet and a Bible
  9. The 5 Anglican books you should own NOW
  10. Using the BCP—Once difficult, now easy
  11. A feast for the senses: The richness of Anglican worship
  12. “I was about to give up on the Church when I was introduced to the Anglican tradition”
  13. FREE booklet helps you pray
  14. How to avoid the biggest mistakes you can make when visiting an Anglican church
  15. The WORST Article in the Thirty-Nine Articles. Hint: It’s NOT what you think!
  16. Anglican clergy’s best-kept secret
  17. We’re looking for people who want to leave Anglicanism better than they found it
  18. It’s never too late to start doing the Daily Office
  19. Sick of iChurch and McChurch? Give Anglicanism a try
  20. Will your church pass the Word & Sacrament test?
  21. 3 reasons why you should NOT become an Anglican Christian
  22. Why most people leave the Church—and what you can do about it
  23. Crazy as it sounds, the Daily Office could save your marriage
  24. 5 reasons why written prayers are better than extemporaneous prayers
  25. 7 questions to ask when you visit an Anglican church
  26. Now you can create a personalized discipleship plan—for FREE

Where’s #27? Read the title for this piece.

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