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I’ve often enjoyed lifting weights, but I’ve never enjoyed going to the gym. So, I’ve long wanted a nice home gym.

When we lived in a basement apartment, space was very limited, but I was able to fit a Valor Fitness BD-9 squat rack/stands and an Amazon Basics flat bench in, along with a 300-lb Olympic barbell and weight set from Dicks Sporting Goods.

(If you’re similarly pressed for space, I highly recommend those items above!)

We took all this stuff with us when we moved to renting a 100-year old house in Pittsburgh. There was enough space in the basement, but we referred to it as the “murder basement” because it way so creepy, damp, moldy, and dark down there.

Fast forward to now, when we’ve finally got a garage!

My wife’s an avid runner, so we splurged for a nice Sole F-85 treadmill.

And I pulled the trigger on a power rack: Rep Fitness’s PR-1100.

Next on my list, as a part of getting back into the saddle, as it were, is USING this equipment more regularly, as a part of getting back into shape.

Future upgrades to the home gym include:

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