The more I study the New Testament, I become more convinced that the unity of the Church is of utmost importance to God. What bothers me is that this has never been taught to me before. All of the things I’ve learned (specifically in my studies on Philippians, Galatians, and now Romans) about the importance… Continue reading Unity?

Church and State

  (Note: for a more recent piece on the relationship between Church and State, see my essay: “Improvising Church and State.”) I just read an article by Kevin DeYoung at The Gospel Coalition: “Thinking Theologically About Memorial Day”. Listen to his intro: This post probably has something to make everyone unhappy. But here goes. With… Continue reading Church and State

What the Bible Says About Poverty: The Book of Proverbs

Introduction: Poverty and Wealth In contrast to the affluence of mainstream American culture, poverty is a harsh and painful reality. It can be found in abundance in the urban centers of this country, and in countless other places around the globe. Modern day slavery “more cruel than any beast of prey” (Wright 2005, 136), it… Continue reading What the Bible Says About Poverty: The Book of Proverbs