I’m a pastor-turned-programmer who works with “dead” languages to help the living!

Joshua Steele

Whether it’s keeping a roomful of teenagers interested in how an ancient Hebrew text could improve their lives or showing a roomful of clients how a web application could improve their business, I love solving people’s problems by working with languages that they themselves don’t speak!

That’s how I combine a programmer’s eye for detail with a pastor’s heart for people.

  • CliftonStrengths: Input, Intellection, Learner, Ideation, Analytical.
  • DISC: C, Analyst
  • MBTI: INTJ, Architect, Strategist
  • Enneagram: 1, Idealist

What others are saying…

As a student at Tech Elevator, Josh has been impressive from the start. He has a keen ability to grasp technical concepts, and couple new concepts with what he has already learned. I believe one of Josh’s greatest strengths is his curiosity. He asks well-articulated, pointed questions to gain a deeper understanding of the material. In doing so, he helps those around him to gain a deeper understanding as well.

During the cohort at Tech Elevator, Josh repeatedly demonstrated his knowledge by scoring highly on quizzes, performing perfectly on homework assignments, and building well thought out capstone projects. Josh has also been a highly-rated teammate when working with his peers. I’m truly looking forward to see where Josh takes his career from here.

Walt Impellicceiri, Instructor at Tech Elevator

Josh is bright—change that to brilliant—and hard working. He has unusually strong abilities in public speaking, writing, editing and research; in pastoral work and people connection; and in website development; even marketing!

The Rev. Kevin Miller, Rector of Church of the Savior in Wheaton, IL

Josh is one of the most brilliant and promising students I ever have taught during my career in higher education. He has an insatiable appetite to learn, a strong work ethic, and the joy of discovery that motivates these qualities.

The Rev. Dr. Carl B. Smith II, Rector of Christ’s Church in Yucaipa, CA

Josh is an excellent resource for web design and development. He’s efficient, conscientious, and extremely attentive to detail, all while having the ability to speak in plain language and not get overly technical when interacting with the “non-techies” among us. I’d highly recommend him as a solid web resource!

Allen Willis, CEO & Founder of New Wave Creative

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner for the first capstone at Tech Elevator. Josh is a smart and talented programmer who has a great attitude and never shies away from daunting tasks. Anyone would be lucky to have him on their team!

Nate Menryk

I love working with Josh! He is personable and winsome and he always stays on task but does so in a spirit of grace and personal connection.

The Rev. Greg Goebel, Leadership Coach, Writer, and Pastor

Among the many graduate and undergraduate research assistants I have had…Josh ranks among the very top. He has a sharp analytical mind, superb writing skills, and an impressive capacity to synthesize complex material. He is diligent, responsible, and efficient. He is also proactive, taking initiative with me to suggest research ideas and strategies that I had not considered.

Dr. Gregory Lee, Associate Professor of Theology and Urban Studies at Wheaton College

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