O Lord, open my lips,
and my mouth will declare your praise.

— Psalm 51:15

Have you ever struggled to describe something you love?

Sure, it’s usually quite easy to do so, at least when you’re talking with someone who also loves that same thing. But what about when they don’t love it — at least not yet?

If that’s the case, then whether it’s your favorite athlete’s performance, or the intricacies of your profession, not having the words to describe something important to us is a frustrating experience.

As a Rookie Anglican, I’ve been there. On the spot, talking with an friend or a relative, it can be difficult to describe just what it means to be an Anglican Christian. 

“No, we don’t worship angels.” 

“Yes, we’re catholic, but no, we’re not Roman Catholic.” 

“No, I’m sorry, but I forget why the bishops wear those funny hats…”

On it goes. And sure, there are plenty of resources out there about Anglicanism — but some are hard enough to track down, much less to give to a curious college roommate or an anxious aunt!

Let’s be honest, for all of Anglicanism’s strengths, it can still come off as inaccessible

After all, we’ve got a long history and a complicated liturgy. Throw in some colorful vestments and some odd ritual gestures, and it’s tempting to head for the door! (Just don’t do so during the Peace! See what I mean?)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have clear ways of describing Anglicanism, both for ourselves and others?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a collection of shareable resources about life within the Anglican tradition?

Rookie Anglican: Making Anglicanism Accessible

My name is Joshua Steele, and I created Rookie Anglican to make Anglicanism more accessible.

I want this to be a community of those interested in making the riches of the Anglican tradition available to the widest possible audience. I want to help pay it forward, as it were, from those who have guided me into the Anglican way!

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Here’s the Thing: I Need Your Help!

I need you to read Rookie Anglican content:

If you’re interested, I need you to help write Rookie Anglican content!

I need you to spread the word — on social media, and in real life!

And I need you to suggest improvements and ask the questions you want answered.

After all, I can’t do this on my own.

I’m just a Rookie Anglican, asking God to open my lips and give me the words to declare his praise.

Will you join me?