David Gushee and "The LGBT Issue"

No, this isn't a post in which I summarize my own sexual ethic.

Instead, it's an invitation to join me in reading through David Gushee's series, "The LGBT Issue," over at Baptist News Global. Gushee is the co-author (with Glen Stassen) of Kingdom Ethics: Following Jesus in Contemporary Context, and gave one of my favorite talks at the 2013 Wheaton Theology Conference, "Christian Political Witness in Key Current Debates," which can be accessed here, or read in IVP's publication of the conference.

There are currently 15 posts, and they build upon each other into what I have found to be a thoughtful analysis of "the issue" from a Christian perspective. At the end of the day, I don't just want to weigh-in on a hot button issue. At the end of the day, I want to follow Jesus well — which I believe involves being both a loyal son of the Church and a faithful student of Scripture.

If you're also interested in this, I suggest you check out the Public Religion Research Institute's interview with Gushee on the series, before diving into the posts:

  1. Starting a conversation: The LGBT Issue, part 1
  2. What exactly is the issue? The LGBT issue, part 2
  3. Change we can all support: The LGBT issue, part 3
  4. Gay Christians exist: The LGBT issue, part 4
  5. Six options for the churches: The LGBT issue, part 5
  6. If this is where you get off the bus: The LGBT issue, part 6
  7. Biblical inspiration, human interpretation: The LGBT issue, part 7
  8. How traditionalists connect the biblical dots: The LGBT issue, part 8
  9. The sins of Sodom (and Gibeah): The LGBT issue, part 9
  10. Leviticus, abomination and Jesus: The LGBT issue, part 10
  11. Two odd little words: the LGBT issue, part 11 (revised)
  12. God made them male and female: The LGBT issue, part 12
  13. Creation, sexual orientation, and God’s will: The LGBT issue, part 13
  14. Toward covenant: The LGBT issue, part 14
  15. Transformative encounters and paradigm leaps: The LGBT issue, part 15

Again, these posts build upon one another, so please start at the beginning, work through the series, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Is Gushee being fair to the Christian tradition in his theological and exegetical arguments? What did you find most compelling about his arguments? Any potential weaknesses? As he nears the end of this series, do you find his constructive proposals along the way compelling?

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