Christian Political Witness in Key Current Debates: David Gushee

In one of my favorite talks from the 2013 Wheaton Theology Conference on Christian Political Witness, Dr. David Gushee delineates his positions (almost all of which I’m inclined to agree with) on the following issues:

  • Abortion
  • Creation Care
  • Death Penalty
  • Economic Injustice / Capitalism 
  • Gay Rights
  • Guns
  • Immigration 
  • Torture
  • U.S. War-Making
  • Women’s Rights Issues

If you have the time, I encourage you to either watch the video (mp4), or listen to (mp3) Gushee’s presentation.

If you have even more time, check out the rest of the conference! From McKnight to Gombis, Hauerwas to Noll, it was a stellar lineup.


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