A Troubling Inconsistency

“Core” Christian Conviction #1: Homosexuality is a sin.

Conclusion: Bring this conviction to bear on the public sphere in as many ways as possible, especially via government and legislation. It doesn’t matter what other people say, think, or believe. God has spoken and that is final.

—>(Unstated) Why? Because most of “us” aren’t gay.

Christian Conviction #2 (a stronger conviction, I might add, based on the relative % of Scripture devoted to it): Yahweh shows a special concern for the poor/oppressed. He ALWAYS tells his people to make justice for the poor/oppressed a priority and a socially-embodied reality.

Conclusion: Relegate this conviction to the individual, private sphere. Don’t seek change in this area through government or legislation, for to do so would be inappropriate and possibly offensive to others who don’t share our convictions. The rich and the middle class earned their wealth, after all. Who are we to tell them to give it away to the poor?

—>(Unstated) Why?Because most of “us” aren’t poor.

1 thought on “A Troubling Inconsistency”

  1. Point being we should not regulate the sin of homosexuality by law (which I tend to agree with), and also that we SHOULD by law demand giving to the poor? Shouldn’t they both be handled similarly, the inconsistency not being solved but being switched around in the model I interpret this to stand for?

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